Youth Portraits

I love a smile as much as the next, but often my favorite expressions are the ones that are filled with wonder. This guy has a lot of heart, seen in slight tilt of his head, the little lift in his chin and the brightness in his eyes. All warmth and kindness.

Special Thanks to the very talented photographer Patricia Holdsworth for  taking the time to share her amazing gift with us. The girls and I had so much fun working with Patricia, we’re still talking about it.This was such a special day spent with my girls. Mindy


Experience and skill create beautifully lit, technically perfect portraits, what makes a portrait special is connection. For connection to take place the person being photographed needs to be truly seen. I take a genuine interest in all of  the people I photograph. I want them to feel at ease, to feel confident, capable, attractive and interesting. I aspire to bring to light the uniqueness of their personality. 
After seeing the photograph his mother posted ” Patricia got this shot of Jack last night, my HEART is EXPLODING!” Sarah