Head Shots. The face of the person representing their profession or industry, has become an essential part of sending a message, making a connection and fostering trust. A business portrait needs to convey a clear message of who you are and what you do. Business portraits are part of your marketing and branding, they are a visual representation of your competence and reputation. Every aspect of your portrait, from the style of lighting, composition, background, clothing and accessories are conscious choices. Choices made to create an image designed to tell your story. The goal is to show your target audience that you are the solution.

Patricia Holdsworth profession portraits, and profile photos will align you with your brand. Capture expressions that convey a self-assured confidence and approach-ability. Create a professional look that captures you at your best.

What Clients are Saying

Doug Scott
Doug Scott is a Regina Artist with whom I have had the pleasure of working with. After our session Doug blogged about his experience working with me. The following is an excerpt; "Over the course of the next hour we had a lot of fun working together. There was a lot of story telling and good humoured banter. At the end of the session, Patricia took a number of photographs of yours truly that could be used on my “About” page. I usually don’t make for a good subject, but the portraits turned out really well, and I was able to choose one for my website." For the full story:
Doug's Blog
Lanis Anthony
I don’t make a great photographic subject. Even though I’ve spent a 30+ year career building up people and companies through focused communication efforts, targeted advertising and multi-level marketing for maximum effect, I forgot about my greatest business asset. ME. As a branding expert and advisor I neglected my own “personal brand.” That is until I found someone I knew and trusted. Someone who understood who I was, what my career purpose is and how I reflect my passion every day in my business pursuits. Patricia Holdsworth was the answer – the only answer. Her knowledge, expertise and uncanny ability to draw out what will reflect the subject best is why I am posting this today. Those who know me also know I am not photogenic … well, I am thrilled to announce in Patricia’s care, I blossomed. Need your own personal brand images? Contact Patricia Holdsworth
Brenda Fedorchuk
I am so pleased and delighted with the photographs that Patricia Holdsworth created for me. During the actual shoot, she had this knack to quickly put me at ease and made the whole experience very relaxed and a lot of fun. When I saw the results I knew just how creative she is and how keen her eye for detail is knowing just how to bring out the best features to create amazing pictures. Patricia Holdsworth is the best photographer I’ve ever worked with! Brenda