I invite you to a photo shoot with me to see yourself in a whole new light.

Embrace the essence of you with Patricia Holdsworth’s personal photography sessions. Celebrate your unique beauty and personality through captivating portraits. Patricia specializes in capturing the strength, grace, and authenticity that define you. Let your images tell the story of your journey, empowering you to showcase the incredible woman you are.

I am so proud of how this robe turned out; I threw myself in the deep end with deciding to make it from scratch but it ended up EXACTLY how I envisioned it. Patricia Thank YOU for being patient and being such a pleasure to work with! It was very much outside of my comfort zone but so glad I pushed myself with your help. Sarah Jane
Patricia You are an amazing photographer. I love the way you worked with me. The photos look incredible, you did such a great job and I had lots of fun. Rachelle
Photos look fantastic Patricia!! It was such a fun afternoon! I’d be so happy to do it again! Lexi
I am so pleased and delighted with the photographs that Patricia Holdsworth created for me. During the actual shoot, she had this knack to quickly put me at ease and made the whole experience very relaxed and a lot of fun. When I saw the results I knew just how creative she is and how keen her eye for detail is knowing just how to bring out the best features to create amazing pictures. Brenda